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ADASS, as a charity, provides a national voice and leadership for adult social care.

However, ADASS is a sum of its parts with membership from all 151 local authorities in England with responsibility for adult social care. At a regional level there are nine ADASS branches with membership consisting of all Directors of adult social care from within that region. It is at this regional level where Directors form and agree their regional support and improvement programmes based upon local priorities. These plans are supported and delivered by small regional staff teams.

Each region has a regional Chair who provides the conduit between members at a regional level and ADASS. The regions continue to build in strength and profile offering a view on local priorities and challenges, providing strategic regional leadership and developing a coordinated approach to ADASS’s work across the regions.

The ADASS central team and regions maintain two way communications to ensure each are updated with policy and practice developments, offering the opportunity to discuss, consult and comment where ever possible. There is also the opportunity for regions to highlight those implementation issues which need to be addressed at a national level.