Membership Categories


There are 4 categories of ADASS membership:

Full membership. This is only available for the current permanent serving Director of Adult Social Service (DASS) in each Local Authority in England. Full membership of ADASS is membership of the Local Authority, not of the individual Director. Interim and Acting Directors are full members equally.

Extended membership. Additional leads who are senior managers who report directly to the DASS and/or
those to whom the DASS reports. The Full Member or the local authority may determine the people to be proposed. Each Full Member can nominate up to four Extended Members. Full Members who wish to nominate more than four members, can do so by paying an Additional Extended Member fee (see below).

Principal Social Workers. In 2019, Principal Social Workers have been included in the extended membership are therefore eligible to join the ADASS membership. Each Full Member can nominate one Principal Social Worker.

Associate membership. This is available to all ex-serving permanent DASSs (Full Members) and ex-Extended Members or Principal Social Workers once they have left their post. Full Members must have held the DASS role permanently, not as an interim or acting Director. Associate membership of ADASS is membership of the individual, not of any organisation.


Membership Fees

Full Membership

All membership fees are reviewed by the ADASS Treasurer on an annual basis. Any change to membership fees may be approved by a simple majority vote at any meeting of the Association. For DASS and extended members, ADASS operates a Tiered Approach to fees based on the size of the Local Authority. As the size of Authority can be subjective due to the differing structures of local authorities, this approach uses population to measure size.

  • Tier 1
    Population Range: 501,000+ ; Membership Fees (2022): £2,673 
  • Tier 2
    Population Range: 200,001-500,000 ; Membership Fees (2022): £2,484 
  • Tier 3
    Population Range: 0-200,000 ; Membership Fees (2022): £2,293 

Additional Extended Member

Each full member can nominate up to 4 extended members and 1 principal social worker. Full members can nominate additional extended members to join the ADASS membership at an additional 1/6 of the membership for each additional extended member.

Associate Membership

In 2022, Associate Membership fees are £316 (pro-rata). Associate membership fee is eligible for Gift Aid, which means that as long as the member is a UK taxpayer and has paid enough tax to cover the Gift Aid claimed, ADASS can boost the fee paid by 25% at no additional cost to the member. The Gift Aid form is included in the membership application form. Associates who wish to do so can set up a recurring yearly Direct Debit with ADASS.