Welcome to our Publications Section Home Page.  ADASS produces a variety of publications and reports during the course of a year.  You will be able to find many of them on the key documents page of the Association's Policy Network which was responsible for their production.

Broadly, they fall into six categories:

  1. Policy.......
  2. Consultation Responses: in the course of a year ADASS is asked to respond to a large number of policy and other initiatives - mainly but not necessarily originating from Central Government.  Responses can either be made by our Policy Networks, National Leads, the Presidential Team or by Regional Networks.
  3. Guidance documents are those reports which are presented as a service to members and their departmental colleagues, colleagues in other agencies and the public alike in order to improve both our understanding of, and practice in, adult social care.  They will range across the whole breadth of adult social care practice, and will also be found on the home pages of the Policy Network that produced them.
  4. ADASS Futures is the Association's twice-yearly journal and is published to coincide with the two major conferences the Association is involved with: our annual spring seminar - usually in April - and the annual Adult and Childrens Services Conference - usually in October.
  5. ADASS Business Matters include the Annual Report which is published in April of each year and distributed to members before the annual spring seminar and AGM.  The document brings together reports from all our Policy and Regional Networks, the annual statement of the Association's accounts as well as reports from all the honorary officers.  Copies of our constitution are also available as well as other key ADASS business documents
  6. Miscellaneous