In August 2010 President Richard Jones announced the creation of six priority workstreams - cross-cutting groups of directors of adult social services who were to address the six key issues emerging from the changes brought about by the general election in May.

The six subject areas are:

The vision for adult social care (ASC) over the next 3-5 years
Leader: Richard Jones, ADASS president

ASC/Local Government/GP Commissioning
Leaders: Sandie Keene, ADASS lead on public health, and Jenny Owen, immediate past president

Big Society and care/support
Leader: Jo Cleary, joint chair of the ADASS workforce network

Responding to significant reductions in resource
Leader: Sarah Pickup, ADASS honorary secretary, and vice-president elect

Sector-led improvement
Leader: Peter Hay, ADASS vice-president

The Commission on Long-Term care
Leader: James Reilly, ADASS honorary treasurer

Further information will be available soon.