Adult social care: What’s the evidence?

Thursday 2nd February 2018

NCVO London

This seminar is jointly hosted by ADASS and Research in Practice for Adults (RiPfA) and sponsored by EY.

This day-long seminar will bring together Directors and Assistant Directors of Adult Social Care with senior academics to discuss current projects and future direction of adult social care research. With the multitude of pressures on adult social care departments, now more than ever is a time to look to the evidence of ‘what works’, in order to ensure that resources are used efficiently, and lead to a good experience and outcomes for people who use services and their carers.

Aimed at: Directors and Assistant Directors in Adult Social Care

The world café style will give delegates the opportunity to discuss key research topics with academics working on a range of issues relevant to ADASS priorities.

All sessions will be repeated 4 times giving everyone an opportunity to attend each. Delegates will be allocated to a group indicating which session to attend at which time. The sessions will include a brief overview of the topic area including policy, key practice challenges, research responses and interest. Followed by discussion about the specific research project and an opportunity to shape and influence future research.

As well as an overview of a range of issues pertinent to the topic, sessions will include:

Markets, quality and commissioning

This interactive session will include current specific research exploring local authority strategies and interventions to improve the quality of social care for older people in England through market shaping

Sustainable health and care systems

This interactive session will include current research evaluating personal health budgets, and approaches to prevent / reduce delayed transfers of care across the system

Employment for people with care and support needs

This interactive session will include recent research in the field of supported employment, including making the economic case

Mental health

This interactive session will include current research on the underpinning values and economic impact of community-based peer support for mental health






Registration and refreshments




Welcome, introductions and context

Dez Holmes, Director of Research in Practice for Adults

Richard Webb,  Director of Adults Services, North Yorkshire, and ADASS Trustee


Main room


Strategic overview

Simon Bottery, Kings Fund


Main room


What’s changed? Update from last year and current projects

Michael Clarke, Research Programme Manager for NIHR School for Social Care Research

Main room


Introduction to ‘meet the researcher’

Chairs introduce world café session & Graffiti Wall


Main room


Comfort break



Session 1


See board / pack


Session 2


See board / pack



Lunch & Graffiti Wall


Refreshment room



Session 3


See board / pack


Session 4


See board / pack


Comfort break



Feedback and next steps

Chairs to invite and summarise feedback from the facilitators in each session and the graffiti wall


Main room


Final questions and summing up from Chairs

Main room


Evaluation and Close