As the new Government starts work and Members of Parliament settle in at Westminster, we are keen to ensure that adult social care sits at the top of the domestic policy list.

Our shared ambition is for adult social care that the meets the needs, wishes and aspirations of those of us who are older, disabled or who are carers: all of us who rely on adult social care.

In the weeks since the General Election, there have been some positive noises emerging from Whitehall departments suggesting that there is a realisation around the cabinet table that the time has come to prioritise adult social care. Successive Governments of all political shades have promised to reform adult social care and to create a sustainable system that is genuinely fit for the 21st century but have ultimately failed to deliver on that promise.

The new Government, with its significant parliamentary majority, has an opportunity that none of its immediate predecessor had - to break this cycle and enable social care that works for all of us. We want to maintain the momentum we generated during the General Election campaign to support and enable the new Government to deliver on its commitment to ‘sort social care’.

We have produced a communication pack to be shared with all members and regions, ensuring that the ADASS message is consistent and effective. Our communications team has also produced a series of videos, visual content, and social media posts for you to share with your network, and support us in reaching out to a much wider audience, also attached to this article. To access our communications pack, please click here or download it from the link below.