Please see below a message sent out to all Directors of Adult Social Services on Friday 18 December along with relevant documents regarding the Transforming Care Partnerships and available resources. 

Dear Colleagues,  

Further to the below letter of 17 November 2015 to all CCG accountable officers and local authority DASSs on transforming care for people with LD and/or autism, I am writing to you with a delivery pack of key supporting documents.

Attached is a contents document along with the Transforming Care Partnership Delivery Pack, there is a range of materials to inform Partnerships and to support them with the tasks required over the next few months.  There are various word documents, excel spreadsheets and pdf documents.  Some provide explanation, and some are the templates that you will use to submit your plans.

It is anticipated that each Transforming Care Partnership will have a Board and that certain leadership roles will be put in place to oversee and drive the development of the plan and the subsequent implementation.  To support local partners with thinking this through, Item 1 provides a proposed approach to the governance, and item 2 includes four suggested role descriptions that could prove useful as part of the partnership.

Item 3 provides an introduction and explains what is required of each Transforming Care Partnership, a summary of the financial underpinning and the timescales of tasks required between now and April 2016.  Within this item, page 4 (Section 2.1) and 5 (Section 2.2) explain what is being asked of the local partnerships.

It is expected that the three templates in items 4, 5 and 6 will be the items developed into the plan for each Transforming Care Partnership, and submitted as a first cut plan on 8 February  2016.

Item 7 shows how you can summarise your plan on a page, and item 8 provides a model highlight report for reporting progress to your Board and to the Region.

Item 9 gives a useful headline of the overarching timetable between now and March. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your regional lead if you require any further information.

London – Matthew Trainer -

Midland and East – Karen Lockett -
North – Christine Brown -
South – Jill Crook -

Best wishes,

Jenny Butler - 0113 8250577 / 07900 715375 *

Regional Project Officer Transforming Learning Disabilities Task Force (Midlands & East) 

ADASS contact for Transforming Care: Hilary Paxton (