Q: Re Q10 Our Shared Lives schemes are all accommodation based, not daytime visiting schemes, and therefore all have been expected to continue delivering services throughout the pandemic.  Shall we include this explanation in Q32?

A: Yes, please include that explanation in Q32.

Q: Re Q21 Is this question asking about services lost or withdrawn on a temporary basis due to Covid; ie. services not operating due to buildings being closed etc., or is it about services permanently lost or withdrawn?

A: This is asking for the proportion of people who have lost or withdrawn from a service during the March to October Covid period regardless of whatever reason or whether it is a permanent or temporary measure. (Note, questions 6 to 12 allow you to report the current state of services in your area.)

Q: Just for further clarification on Q21, would a service be categorised as “lost” if a person has continued to receive a blended/alternative (ie. virtual) service offer, but has not physically attended as they would pre-Covid?

A: The service should count as "lost" unless it was replaced with a largely like-for-like alternative. For example, someone lost a place at a day centre when it was closed but was only offered telephone contact and back-up as an alternative. Questions 25 and 26 allow you to note and comment on any alternative services, and we do want to know how effective such alternatives as virtual services have been, particularly to unpaid carers.

Q: Can you please clarify for me if questions 12 and 13 are to do with the number of places that could be provided, and not the number that were? If it is the number that were provided this would be a count of people?  Is this what is required?

A: For both questions we are seeking an answer to your service capacity now and in last February. Therefore, we want to know how many people you could provide places for, not the number that you actually provided for. (Note, someone attending a day centre 5 days per week would only count as 1 in this measure).

Q: Can you define what is meant by ‘community support schemes’ as there would be several ways of interpreting this.

A: We have used this term as a catch-all as there is quite a variety of different community support schemes. Generally I would say "any scheme other than traditional day care that benefits vulnerable adults and /or provides respite to their unpaid carers."  These are often, but not exclusively, run by voluntary organisations and some are mainstream activities that make allowance for people with disabilities, eg sporting, work schemes, hobbies, exercise, etc.

Q: Can you define what is meant by ‘home based respite support’? Many councils have said with Dom care they can’t differentiate packages between respite/ sitting and the person’s care.

A: By this term we mean any scheme that provides support and/or respite to unpaid carer(s) who are providing care to a vulnerable person living either in their own home or in the home of the unpaid carer. For example it will include sitters, voluntary visitors, Covid compliant doorstep visits, etc. Note, it may help those councils who don't differentiate Dom.care packages between respite and the person's care, to count cases where there is also a carers assessment in place.

Q: Is this survey about council commissioned care or all services as many OP are self-funders?

A: We are only asking about council commissioned and council-provided care. This should also include what you provide through Personal Budgets, but we are aware that you will not always know exactly what service users spend this money on; so, it will be a best estimate in those cases.

Q: I only have limited information on day services, shall I leave the answer boxes blank where I can’t give an exact answer?

A: We want to get an evidence-based picture of what is happening around the country, and given the short deadline and the pressures that Social Care is already under, we are prepared to accept reasonable estimates on numbers and proportions where you do not have exact data. Use the last text box Q.32 to state which of your answers were estimates and briefly note how you reached them eg. extrapolated from a sample, from an already existing survey, estimate based on a shorter or previous time period, predicted from current trend, etc.

Q: I have read through the survey and I note that some of these questions are designed for the day service provider. Is it ok for me to contact them directly about a couple of these questions? 

A.Yes, we are channelling this survey through council commissioners and expect them to make whatever enquiries they need to provide the answers to the questionnaire.

Q: In terms of spending are you asking for our spend on day services or if they are private their spend?

A: We only want to know your council's total spend on any day services that it provides in-house and your commissioning expenditure on independent providers. We do not need to know what independent services spend.

Q: I note that there are questions around care homes and supported living, should I record the numbers of each which we have in the area.

A: If you are referring to questions 5 through to 11 then you need to report the number of facilities in each category box.

Q: Please can you clarify what you mean by “other day service schemes”?

A: The term other day service schemes is there solely to pick up any other schemes that do not fit into the other categories - we don't want to miss anything interesting that you may be doing.