Thanks to everyone for the most extraordinary number of messages of support and encouragement to The College of Social Work (TCSW) over the past week. It is, however, with huge regret that I am formally announcing, following a meeting today of TCSW's Board of Trustees, that The College will close by the end of September. 


In its relatively short life, TCSW has achieved a great deal and had much more to offer the social work profession and the children, adults and families that social workers support. The Board is determined to make sure that the legacy of TCSW is secured and retained. We are therefore making arrangements to make sure that there is a smooth and safe transition of our functions and resources. We will be making updates on the details of these arrangements as we have them.


On behalf of TCSW’s Board, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation of TCSW’s staff team who have worked unstintingly and shown huge commitment to TCSW’s mission, including during the most recent and very uncertain time.


TCSW owes a huge debt to the diverse and talented contributions of our 17,000 members, the Professional Assembly, the three Faculties, the endorsement panels and the PCF quality assurance group, along with many other groups and individuals. The Board would like to thank all these people for their passion, commitment and hard work, without whom there would be no College legacy to secure for the future.