Plenary 1 - Messages From the Front Line

Plenary 3 - Harnessing the experience the pandemic to develop long-standing reform for social care

Partner Workshop - IMPOWER

Partner Workshop - PA Consulting

Partner Workshop - Newton

Plenary 4 - Quality, Outcomes, Reform & Market regulation

Future Gov

Partner Workshop - Has Technology

Partner Workshop - Brain in Hand

Partner Workshop - Home Group

Plenary 6 - Is money the only thing stopping reform?

Plenary 7 - Making reform a reality: what can we do in practice?


Regions Workshops (available on our Youtube Channel/ Regions Playlist)

  1. East Midlands - Is there a Regional Role for provider engagement?
  2. East of England - Building Positive Futures Programme
  3. London Proud to Care – rewarding, developing and growing our adult social care professional workforce
  4. North East - Well Led - a collaborative approach
  5. North West - Making every day, the best it can be – learning the lessons from Covid to build a brighter future.
  6. South East - 'The Dynamic and Dilemmas of a 'Self-Funded' Care Market'
  7. South West - Development of South West Policy Framework
  8. West Midlands - Assurance, innovation. Any improvement?
  9. Yorks & Humber - Multiple Disadvantage: Breaking the Cycle