Liberty Protection Safeguards (Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill) - Papers from Yarnfield Breakfast workshop

For those who couldn’t attend, we have been asked to circulate the papers from the workshop. Further work is anticipated on the impact assessment, as the current one (published 11th February 2019) only includes amendments up to the end of the Lords stages in 2018.

The impact assessment is being re-worked to include later amendments to the Bill and to take account of concerns raised by stakeholders. DHSC hope to publish the next and final version in June. We agreed at the workshop to collate any comments on the current Impact assessment, and there will be further items in a future bulletin about it. For those of you who would like to familiarise yourselves with the current impact assessment, it is included here with the Yarnfield papers, for information. Option 2 is the option that has been progressed, and sections 8-10 and 12 onwards are the relevant sections, together with the Option 2 figures in Annex 2.

MCAB Impact Assessment FINAL

LPS Code of Practice Handout

LPS Code of Practice Hilary Paxton Slides

LPS slides DHSC Ed Moses Yarnfield

Implementation Planning Handout

DoLS Backlog regional stats as at 31 March 2018 slides