Your mission, should you choose to accept it….is to promote greater independence within adult social care and greater financial sustainability.  To succeed, you will need to transform every aspect of a complex system, change cultures that encourage dependence and overcome the powerful forces of the status quo. This mission should not be underestimated - many operatives have taken on this assignment, some are missing in action.

This covert briefing (an interactive workshop) will reveal the plan for this mission and will equip you with some of the essential specialist skills to understand and influence those behaviours that are obstacles to success.

The briefing will also cover a methodology for applying behavioural science, introduce a behaviour change model, and share real examples and results. You will be required to work through a behaviour change scenario, deploying the methodology alongside other operatives. The winning team will be rewarded.  Will you accept this mission?

Please see below for slides that accompanied this session.