All the evidence about what works in whole system integration tells us integrating data, rich in evidence, is essential. Using data and technology for risk stratification and predictive modelling, Pi helps to drive better decisions, outcomes and deliver significant savings through prevention and early intervention. 

This session will hear from Essex County Council about their Essex Data programme which uses data sharing for predictive risk modelling to support better planning for early intervention to deliver measurable improvements in outcomes. 


The first prototype focuses on “best start in life” by predicting school readiness with subsequent models to be agreed by system partners as having most impact. Some of the key messages and areas for discussion will be:

  • Why the approach in Essex is innovative
  • The challenges and barriers to cross organisational information sharing
  • Selecting wicked issues that could be addressed through predictive modelling
  • Importance of triangulating outputs with insight to co-produce solutions
  • Understanding and demonstrating the benefit   

Workshop sponsored by Pi Ltd...