Personalisation encompasses self-directed support, co-production and building community capacity. Councils have embedded self-directed support as core business and the need for co-production is widely supported - but building sufficient community capacity to offset the need for council social care remains challenging for many of us. In the policy context of ongoing fiscal constraint, can community capacity provide a solution to ever tightening social care budgets? And how can integration with health help councils deliver personalisation and balance the books? This session will present findings from community capacity initiatives that are helping to manage demand for social care and provide good outcomes, and the latest developments in personalised commissioning across health and care.

Chair: Denise Porter / Dawn Wakeling, ADASS Personalisation Leads

Guest Speakers:
Brian Frisby, Derby City Council
Sam Bennett, Director Integrated Personalised Commissioning Programme, NHSE
Simran Sandhu – Local Area Coordinator, Derby
Kathy Smedley  - Alvaston Residents Association, Derby