15 January 2021


  1. ADASS seeks a package in the Budget that stabilises the adult social care system in the short-term, meets all Covid-19 costs, and offers some certainty for the longer-term including multi-year funding settlements.
  2. The Budget is an opportunity to send a clear signal that working-age disabled people, older people and carers are recognised, valued, and protected. Failure to invest now will also make the goal of long-term reform so much harder to achieve.
  3. We have repeatedly asked for certainty so that we can ensure care providers remain in business, staff are paid a national care wage, carers get the support and breaks they need and enable more people to remain at home.
  4. The current lack of certainty means adult social care remains in a holding pattern whereby Directors of Adult Social Services (DASSs) are overly reliant upon time-limited funding streams to deliver balanced budgets that are required by statute. This forces DASSs into an unenviable situation whereby they are increasingly entering into long-term revenue commitments, such as care packages for people with learning disabilities that may last decades, without any guarantee that there will be sufficient ongoing funding to ensure these vital care and support services can be delivered. This means other care and support is foreshortened, reduced or not provided and adds further risk into an already fragile system together with counter-productive impacts on carers, older and disabled people, the NHS, criminal justice system and the local economy.
  5. Without such action, local authorities will run out of money, care providers will go to the wall, many of us will not get the care and support we need, and the economy will take a further hit as more of us are forced to give up work to fill the caring gaps. Prioritising adult social care is the right thing to do morally, ethically, economically and politically.