Key speeches and presentations made by ADASS members, or at ADASS organised or co-organised events can be found below.

ADASS Seminar Day 'Managing the Money'
26 September 2014

ADASS Seminar - Managing the Money Programme
Finding Savings in Adult Social Care - John Bolton 
Adult Social Care England: NAO - Aileen Murphy
ADASS Resources Network - Simon Williams
Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England - Lord Michael Bichard

David Pearson talks to the Aged Care and Community Services (ACCS) Australia Conference
September 2014

ACCS Australia Conference Sept 14 - David Pearson - ADASS President

ADASS/SCIE Seminar - Care Act 2014 & Commissioning for Better Outcomes
02 July 2014
Regional Perspectives on the Care Act 2014- David Pearson - ADASS President
Care Act 2014- Sebastian Habibi - Department of Health
Commissioning for Better Outcomes- Jon Glasby / Catherine Mangan - University of Birmingham

ADASS Policy Event 2014
Thursday 16 January 2014
Implementing the Care Bill - Shaun Gallagher - Department of Health
Update from the Programme Office - Joanna David
Sector-Led Improvement - Oliver Mills TEASC
Financial Issues - John Jackson - ADASS Resources Lead
Integration - John Nawrockyi - Greenwich DASS and Local Authority Pioneer

ADASS / SCIE Seminar - Commissioning for Quality
17 January 2014
A view from CQC - Andrea Sutcliffe - CQC
The Interface between Quality and Safeguarding - Cathie Wiliams - ADASS Safeguarding Network
Update on Market Development - Andrew Kerslake - Institute of Public Care
Commissioning for Better Outcomes - Sandie Keene - ADASS President
A Provider View - Alan Long - MEARS Group
A NHS Perspective - Bob Ricketts - NHS England
ADASS Policy Sheet

National Children and Adult Services Conference 2013
Sandie Keene Presidential Speech

11 July 2013
Belinda Schwehr: The Care and Support Bill - A Legal Focus for ADASS
Please contact Belinda@careandhealthlaw.comif you would like a copy of this presentation
Simon Medcalf- Department of Health
Mike Padgham

ADASS Spring Seminar 2013
April 2013
Sandie Keene's Presidential Speech 
Dr Jennifer Bute ( )
Katherine Rake  (
John Kennedy 
Chris Bull
John Jackson
Workshop A Part 1- Implementing the Significant Incident Learning Process
Workshop A Part 2- LGA & ADASS Advice and guidance to DASS
Workshop B Part 1- Social Care and Health - A Scottish journey towards integration
Workshop B Part 2 - Integration - a means not an end
Workshop C- Local Authorities responsibilities for Prisoners
Workshop CPowerpoint - Making the Difference
Workshop E- Home Truths
Workshop F- West Midlands Telehealthcare Network
Workshop G- Learning Disability Self Assessment Framework
Workshop H- Building Stronger Families

Workshop J - Two approaches to sector led improvements
Workshop L - Monitoring for Quality and Outcomes
David Behan

ADASS/SCIE Seminar Presentations
11 January 2013
Helen Bevan talk 1
Helen Bevan talk 2
National Skills Academy and NHS Ledership Academy

Policy Event
10 January 2013
Nuffield Trust Rating Review - Jennifer Dixon
Spending Review - John Jackson

DH White Paper presentation
July 2012
Presentation by Shaun Gallagher

Presentation 2 - Implications for Prevention and working with health
Presentation 3 - Implications of the White Paper for Personalisation, Choice and Control
Presentation 3.1 - White Paper and Personalisaton
Presentation 4 - Implications for quality, dignity and safeguarding

ADASS/BGS Commissioning Seminar
2nd July 2012
Dawn Moody
David Paynton
Marianne Plater
Dwayne Johnson
Gerald Wistow

Background slides
Workshop A
Workshop B
Workshop C - with graphics 
Workshop D

ADASS Spring Seminar 2012
April 2012
David Behan
Dr. Ros Altmann
Peter McLeod
Michael and Henrietta Spink 
Sir Bob Kerslake
Sector Led Improvement
Safeguarding workshop
Social Capital and Community Capacity Building
Telecare - Linda Sanders; Kevin Alderson
Telehealth workshop
Sarah Pickup, incoming ADASS President
Richard Humphries

Minister of State for Care Services Paul Burstow's speech to the NCAS Conference
October 2011

Secretary of State Andrew Lansley's speech to the NCAS Conference
October 2011

ADASS President Peter Hay: Speech to ECCA Annual Conference
November 16, 2011

ADASS President Peter Hay: Speech to NCASC
Date:October 2011

Making Links with GPs - Influencing Commissioning in the New Health Economy
Peter Hay, ADASS President; Strategic Director, Birmingham City Council.
Date: August 2011

Joint Working in a Cold Climate
Presentation by ADASS President Peter Hay to the NHS Confederation annual meeting
Date: July 2011

Speech on the launch of the Dilnot report
Date: 4 July 2011
Peter Hay

ADASS Spring Seminar 2011
Date: April 13 - 15 2011
David Behan
Sian Lockwood
Tris Dyson
Martin Routledge
Jeff Jerome
Paul Najsarek
John Bolton, Derek Law  
Linda Sanders
Amanda Lloyd
Peter Hay
Matthew Pike
Martin McShane 
Peter Melton
Peter Latchford

ADASS/SCIE Seminar - 'The New Arrangements for Public Health'
Organisers: ADASS/SCIE
Date: 28 February 2011

Presentations by:
John Jackson
Jane Halpin
Frank Atherton
Peter Hay and Jim McManus
Andrew Webster

ADASS Policy Event 2011
Organisers: ADASS
Date: 06 - 07 January 2011

Presentations by:
Andrew Kerslake

Jon Glasby
Backing papers for Jon Glasby presentation
John Ivers

ADASS/SCIE Seminar on Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value for Money in Adult Social Care
Organisers: ADASS and SCIE
Date: 27 September 2010

Addresses by:
1 Tony Travers
2 John Appleby
3 Sally Warren
4 John Jackson
5 David Walden

ADASS Spring Seminar 2010
Organisers: ADASS
Date: 21 - 23 April 2010

Addresses by:
1 Barry Quirk
2 John Jackson
3 Kevin Alderson
4 Paul Corrigan
5 Richard Jones
6 Sarah Pickup
7 Richard Gleave

ADASS/SCIE Seminar on Free Personal Care and the Use of Resources
Organisers: ADASS/SCIE
Date: 8 February 2010

Addresses by:
1 John Jackson
2 John Bolton

ADASS Policy Event
Date: 14 January 2010

Addresses by:
1 James Lloyd
2 Andrew Kerslake
3 Lesley Rimmer

National Children and Adult Services Conference 2009
Date: 22nd October 2009

Addresses by:  Jenny Owen(Presidential Address)
Speeches/Presentations are available on the LGA website.

ADASS/SCIE Green Paper Shaping the Future of Care Together Seminar
Date: 28 July 2009

Addresses by:
1 Alexandra Norrish
2 Jose-Luis Fernandez
3 Sarah Pickup
4 Andrew Cozens
5 Jeff Jerome

National Commissioning Conference 2009
Guardian/Pavilion in association with ADASS
Date: 22 - 24 June 2009

Addresses by:
1 Peter Hay
2 Andrew Kerslake
3 Martyn Yeats & Heidi Macleod
4 Nick McAllister
5 Jo Cleary
6 Helen Woodland & Martin Cresswell
7 Peter Smith
8 Sube Banerjee
9 Geoff Ashton
10 Richard Kramer
11 Judith Smyth
12 Baroness Young
13 Andrew Haldenby

ADASS Spring Seminar 2009
Date: 22 - 24 April 2009

Addresses by:
1 David Behan, Department of Health
2 Cynthia Bower, Care Quality Commission
3 Jenny Owen, ADASS
4 Anne Williams, Department of Health
5 Dr Kevin Doughty, University of York
6 Professor Gareth Jones, London Business School
7 Moira Gibb, Social Work Taskforce
8 Liz McSheehy and Jennifer Bernard, National Skills Academy


Laming and Beyond: Mental Health in the Spotlight
1 Jenny Goodall, ADASS, plus notes
2 Andrew Fraser, ADCS
3 Amanda Edwards, SCIE

The Impact of the Economic Recession on Social Care
1 Bill Hodson, ADASSand key messages

Safeguarding Adults Everybodys Business
1 Teresa Bell and Penny Furness-Smith, ADASS (introduction)
2 Rachel Booth and Matthew Flinton, Bupa
3 Julie Jones, SCIE
4 Teresa Bell and Penny Furness-Smith, ADASS (conclusion)

Common Resource Allocation System (RAS) Framework Development Progress and Challenges
1 Sam Newman, OLM

ADASS General Meeting
Date: October 22, 2008

Addresses by:
1 Sarah Pickup - ADASS Green Paper Lead

Inequalities and Wellbeing - Working Together
ADCS ADASS ADPH Joint Conference
Date: May 20, 2008

Addresses by:
1 Dr Steve Feast - Department of Health
2 David Behan - Department of Health
3 Peter Lauener - Department of Children, Schools and Families
4 ADASS ADCS ADPH Presidents' Presentation

Workshop Presentations on:
1 Commissioning
2 Health inequalities
3 Health inequalities - Sheffield
4 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Address by: Jeff Jerome (now National Director, Social Care Transformation) - Delivering Personalised Choice and Control
Date: May 13, 2008

The Future of Adult Care
Local Government Association
Date: June 4, 2008

Address by: ADASS President John Dixon

ADASS Spring Seminar
Organisers: ADASS
Date: April 23 - 25, 2008

Addresses by:
1 John Bolton - DH - Transformation and Efficiency in Social Care
2 Alexandra Norrish - DH - The Green Paper on the Care and Support stem: A Vision for Reform
3 John Dixon - ADASS - ADASS 2008 - 2009
4 Ray Tallis - The University of Manchester - Increased Longevity - active old age or poor health and disability?
5 Mike Wardle - GSCC - Leading Improvement in the Social Care Workforce
6 Glen Mason - DH - Workforce and Personalisation
7 Mary Helson - Office for Disability Issues - Independent Living Strategy
8 David Behan - DH - Delivering the Transformation of Social Care
9 Paul Snell - CSCI - Best Practice in Safeguarding Adults
10 Julie Jones - SCIE - Safeguarding Adults
11 Dwayne Johnson - Halton Borough Council - Safeguarding Adults
12 Mark Britnell - DH - World Class Commissioning

Workshop Presentations:
Putting People First: Implementing Personalisation in Local Authorities
1 John Dixon - ADASS and West Sussex
2 Sam Newman - OLM & Devon County Council - Personalisation: Making It Happen
3 Veronica Jackson - Oldham - Transformational Change: Lessons Learnt
4 Jeff Jerome - Richmond
5 Oliver Mills - Kent

National Dementia Strategy
1 Jenny Owen - ADASS, Sube Banerjee - Kings' College, Jane Gilliard - National Dementia Strategy Working Group and External Reference Group, Ruth Eley - DH

Housing and Adult Social Care Together - the best of both worlds
1 Jeremy Porteus - Care Services Improvement Partnership Networks
2 Jane Everton - Department of Communities and Local Government

Valuing People Now - an overview
1 Nicola Bailey - ADASS Learning Disability Network and Hartlepool Borough Council - ADASS Response to Valuing People Now
2 Rob Greig - National Director for Valuing People - Learning Disabilities - Valuing People Now: From Progress to Transformation The Really Important Bits!