Launched in September 2013, The Social Care Commitment is the sector’s promise to deliver high quality social care. Using seven ‘I will…’ statements, employers promise to carry out at least one practical task per statement that will help them to improve and/or enhance the care they provide. Once the employer has signed up, they are able to invite their employees to also make their commitment.

To encourage further take up of the Social Care Commitment, ADASS is supporting the Social Care Commitment Week running from 7 to 13 December 2015 to raise awareness across the sector.  

To promote Social Care Commitment Week local authorities can:         

  • Send out an e-shot telling your local care providers about Social Care Commitment Week and the commitment
  • Use your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to discuss the commitment, using the hashtag #SCCWeek
  • Use our handy PDF (attached “Social Care Commitment Week Flow Chart”)  to promote the commitment, by putting it on your website or sending it out to your contacts
  • Join in our conversation during Social Care Hour on Twitter, which takes place on Wednesday evenings between 8pm and 9pm
  • Make sure you have signed the commitment yourself. If you already have, upload your photograph to #SCCWeek and tell the world about your commitment to quality
Please also see below a flowchart for this year's Social Care Commitment Week