Scope report on council cuts: A relentless focus on sensationalism

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Date: Friday 9th September 2011
Embargo: Immediate

ADASS President Peter Hay said today: "The report by Demos/Scope published today illustrates that councils can respond with imagination to improve services for people with disability. Using rather spurious methods it also highlights what it claims are councils that are poorer at it: guess which side of the debate gets most promotion?

"Rather than helping Directors work their way through making imaginative responses to the reduction of public spending the whole report is ruined by a relentless focus on sensationalism.

"They have ranked councils using criteria that are discredited. This distracts from a report which could have been used to work with people with disability, assessing progress made with the emerging features of good services.

"It would be a bitter irony if this aspect of the report was to get lost completely behind the noise created to draw attention to it."

He went on "There is nothing new in the claim that care is a broken sector - yet somehow despite all the challenges there are places that are finding unique ways of making a new offer. This includes imaginative integration with community and health services and huge commitments to handing control to citizens of personal budgets.

"If care reform is to work then we need to understand what's working, and what we need to do more of to make the repairs to a system that urgently needs reform and resources."


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Peter Hay, ADASS President, 0121 303 2992
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