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Care Bill Financial Modelling & ADASS Survey

Surrey County Council has developed a model to calculate the cost of the Care Bill. ADASS are asking Local Authorities to use the model to calculate the financial impact on each authority. The ADASS survey of Local Authorities will seek to understand the cost of the Cap and threshold changes within the Care Bill for each authority. Authority returns will be consolidated into a National figure and compared to the cost estimated by the Department of Health.

The Resources Network is asking Local Authorities to take an initial look at the model and to feedback any queries or questions by February 7th 2014.

ADASS will then launch a National survey requesting all Local Authorities complete the survey with a deadline of March 14th. As each Local Authority is different, ADASS will request that authorities return their cost figures and the assumptions used to reach those figures.

All queries around the model should be directed to the Secretary of the Resources Network, Sarah Fogden, email, telephone 07557 082613.

There are 7 documents that you may access:
File 1: Care Bill Modelling Overview
File 2: Care Bill Modelling timetable
File 3: ADASS Care Bill modelling Guidance for completing the model
File 4: Workbook One - standalone individual scenario tool (2 mb zip file)
File 5: Workbook Two - composite modelling tool (6.6mb zip file)
File 6: Workbook Three results analysis tool (2.7mb zip file)
File 7: Elsa Wealth Data (1.3mb zip file)

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