ADASS welcomes integration pioneers "without reservation"

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Date: Friday 8th November 2013
Embargo: Immediate

ADASS President Sandie Keene has called todays announcement of the Integration Pioneers a landmark day: a day which will be remembered as one which heralds a new social and health care services journey at whose end will be a far more seamless set of services for all adults within their localities - an integration which will bring better delivery, better satisfaction and better value than ever before, she said.

The local authorities chosen to be integration pioneers will each experiment with a variety of issues which have tended to impede integration in the past, with the full backing, support and advice from the Department of Health and the jointly-managed Implementation Programme. The results will help guide localities in their use of the £3.8 bn Integration Transformation Fund (ITF) due to come onstream in April 2015.

Mrs Keene stressed the importance of all authorities contributing in their own unique ways to the impetus towards integration. Overall nearly 100 authorities bid for Pioneer status, Mrs Keene said: but of those not chosen many will have been deemed to have been too far down the road already; and others will only narrowly have missed out on what was a wide range of very exacting criteria indeed.

Lessons from those authorities will still make vital contributions to our growing knowledge and understanding of the complexities of integration. Their help and support will be equally significant ingredients in what will be the overall pool of information we shall have and will need to have as the ITF money begins to flow in less than 18 months time.

ADASS welcomes without reservation this exciting opportunity to bring really joined up health and social care closer to the lived experiences of our citizens, and to improve the offer we are able to make to our local communities.


For further information contact:
David Pearson, ADASS Vice-President, 01159 774636
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