1. Recommended

Organisation:  Skills for Care in partnership with Learn to Care

Person:  Georgina Turner, Davina Figgett, Oliver French, Carol Reeves, Will Fenton, Jeanine Willoughby, Sophie Abbott (Skills for Care) John Wallace, Catherine Cadogan,(Learn to Care) Bernadette Simpson (NHS England

Subject:  Employing personal assistants in social care and health: research into local recruitment support, issues and initiatives.



Organisation:   Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU), London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) & NIHR School for Social Care Research (SSCR)

Person:  Martin Knapp, David Abbott, Yvonne Burks, David Challis, Michael Clark, Julien Forder

Subject: Scoping expectations on the future of adult social care



Organisation: Health Services Management Centre, School of Social Policy, University of Birmingham

Person:  Karen Newbigging, Julie Ridley

Subject:  Evaluating the Commissioning of Care Act Advocacy



Organisation:   Social Care Workforce Research Unit, Kings College London

Person: John Woolham, Kirsty Forsyth, Malcolm Fisk, Nicole Steils, Jeremy Porteus

Subject: Telecare and older service users



Organisation:  Personal Social Services Research Unit, University of Kent/ Oxford University / London School of Economics

Person: Karen Jones, Julien Forder, James Caiels, Gintare Malisaukaie, Katerina Gousia, Ray Fitzpatrick, Michele Peters, Paul Hewitson, Jose-Luis Fernandez, Joanna Marczak, Gerald Wistow

Subject: A system-level evaluation of the Better Care Fund


It would assist the work of the Research Group if Social Services Departments:


  1. Decline to co-operate in research projects which are not recommended by the Group;
  2. Encourage researchers who have not approached the Research Group to do so.



They should be referred to: Sue Williams, c/o ADASS staff team 020 7072 7437

E-mail: team@adass.org.uk