Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (Research Group)

Decision on research projects recently considered i.e. before 01/07/15


1. Recommended


Organisation:   Norah Fry Research Centre, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol
Person:              Val Williams, Dr. Sue Porter, Jon Symonds
Subject:             The Values of Assessment: disabled adults and social care


Organisation:   Personal Services Research Unit, London School of Economics and Political Science
Person:              Dr José-Luis Fernández, Tom Snell
Subject:             National Eligibility Criteria Assessment Survey: RG15-007


Organisation:   Warwick Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick
Person:              Beate Baldauf, Terence Hogarth, Lynn Gambin, Clare Lyonette, Bernard Casey, Stefanie Poole
Subject:             Five year evaluation of the Apprenticeships Ambition Programme 2012/13 -2016/17 (5yr AAP)


Organisation:   Skills for Care/ Learn to Care
Person:              Georgina Turner, John Wallace, Davina Figgett, Oliver French, Carol Reeves, Bernadette Simpson, Will Fenton, Anthea Tinsley, Laura Gill, Catherine Cadogan.
Subject:             Supporting individual employers and personal assistants: research into local social care and health support for personal assistants and the people that employ them


Organisation:   Skills for Care, (on behalf of CQC)
Person:             Elizabeth Burtney, Paul Buchanan
Subject:             Safety in adult social care


2. Under Consideration


Organisation:   Social Policy Research Unit, University of York
Person:            Dr. Kate Baxter, Professor Yvonne Birks
Subject:           The SIgN Project – Self-funders and Information Needs


Organisation:  School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University
Person:           Professor Phil Fennell, Dr Lucy Series, Dr Julie Doughty, Professor Luke Clements, Jen McCloy Subject:           Welfare Cases in the Court of Protection           


Organisation:   The Tizard Centre, University of Kent
Person:            Dr Julie Beadle Brown, Lisa Richardson, Dr Agnes Turnpenny, Beckie Whelton  
Subject:           The role of quality information in commissioning social care services for adults with learning disabilities or autism: a survey of commissioners


Organisation:   Substance Misuse and Ageing Research Team (SMART), Tilda Goldberg Centre, University of Bedfordshire
Person:             Dr Sarah Wadd, Michelle McCann
Subject:             Evaluation of the Drink Wise Age Well Programme: Work Practice Study


It would assist the work of the Research Group if Social Services Departments:

1. Decline to co-operate in research projects which are not recommended by the Group;           

2. Encourage researchers who have not approached the Research Group to do so.              

They should be referred to: Sue Williams, c/o ADASS staff team 020 7072 7437

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