Decision on research projects recently considered i.e. before 06/02/16


1. Recommended    

Organisation:   Kingston University/Kings College/University of Essex  
Person:             Angela Jenkinson, Jill Manthorpe, Marie Juanchich, Miroslav Sirota  
Subject:             Studying Social Work Supervision


Organisation:   Personal Social Services Research Unit, University of Kent  
Person:            Julien Forder, Laurie Batchelder, Karen Jones, Ann-Marie Towers, Ray Fitzpatrick, Michele Peters, Caroline                              Potter, Laura Kelly,Louise Geneen, Elizabeth Gibbons, Crispin Jenkinson, Angela Coulter  
Subject:           Living with long-term conditions: validation of the Long-Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ)


Organisation:   Tizard Centre, University of Kent  
Person:            Megan Robb (PhD study)  
Subject:           Social Workers’ Conceptualisations of Domestic Violence against People with Learning Disabilities


2. Under Consideration    

It would assist the work of the Research Group if Social Services Departments:            

1. Decline to co-operate in research projects which are not recommended by the Group;            

2. Encourage researchers who have not approached the Research Group to do so.              

They should be referred to: Sue Williams, c/o ADASS staff team 020 7072 7437

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