Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (Research Group) 
Decision on research projects recently considered i.e. before 23/09/15


1. Recommended

Organisation:    Skills for Care, (on behalf of CQC)

Person:             Elizabeth Burtney, Jeanine Willoughby  
Subject:            Developing a career framework for the adult social care commissioning workforce.


Organisation:   The University of Nottingham, Institute of Mental Health
Person:            Professor Justine Schneider, Professor Nick Manning, Dr Kristia Pollock, Dr Cheryl Travers, Dr Kezia Scales, Dr Anthony Kelly.
Subject:            Defining Quality Home Care for People with Dementia: A Mixed-Methods Study


Organisation:   School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol
Person:            Patricia Jessiman, Ailsa Cameron
Subject:            The role of Adult Social Care in the provision of Appropriate Adults for vulnerable adults in police custody


Organisation:   Personal Services Research Unit, London School of Economics and Political Science
            Dr José-Luis Fernández, Professor Gerald Wistow, Professor Martin Knapp, Dr Joanna Marczak
Subject:             Developing a Local Prevention Evaluation Framework


It would assist the work of the Research Group if Social Services Departments:

1. Decline to co-operate in research projects which are not recommended by the Group;            

2. Encourage researchers who have not approached the Research Group to do so.

They should be referred to: Sue Williams, c/o ADASS staff team 020 7072 7437