[Update 23 May 2020 Re: Care England Statement]


We are concerned that Care England is claiming that local authority help to support providers is not forthcoming. This is clearly not the case.  We know that ADASS members have been working tirelessly to support local providers and to enable them to deliver safe care for older and disabled people at this difficult time.  


Rather than withholding support, our recent survey makes clear that they are doing the complete opposite.  Earlier this week we published the results of our rapid provider support survey, together with a further paper which sets out the extensive range of financial and practical support that local authorities are offering social care providers. This clearly dispels the notion that local authorities are failing to provide support and stresses the vital role that local authorities are playing.  To suggest otherwise is extremely unhelpful and misleading.  



Following the announcement of additional central government funding to help support local authorities and social care to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been considerable interest in how this money has been used.

In response, ADASS conducted a rapid survey of our members to gather data about the measures local authorities have put in place to support local social care providers. 


Today we are publishing the findings of this rapid survey. You will find attached a copy of the survey report, together with a summary paper which sets out some of the extensive measures that local authorities have put in place to support providers, ensure their stability and most importantly to safeguard care and support available to millions of people at this difficult time.


If you have any questions about the survey or either paper, do not hesitate to get in touch: 0207 664 3239 or email mediaenquiries@adass.org.uk.