Provider failure and emergency incidents

A checklist for regional response – September 2017

  1. Purpose of this document

Local Authorities all have emergency planning arrangements in place and guidance exists to support authorities in the event of provider failure or similar emergency situations.  In recognition of the increased risk of provider failure across more than one local authority area, this document provides an additional checklist to enable regions to plan for such an eventuality and to facilitate a more widely co-ordinated response.  The intention is for this checklist to be used to develop bespoke plans for the respective regions.

This framework is focused primarily on business continuity, rather than wider emergency planning, and it may in due course require updating / adjustment in light of work being undertaken to learn from recent major incidents. Reference should be made to the civil contingency governance in the local area.

  1. Key Principles

Available guidance identifies a number of key principles in dealing with provider failure;

  • Person-centred care – individuals’ needs are paramount and any process/practice should maintain dignity and respect.
  • Safeguard – while providers may fail, service continuity should not. The local authority’s duty to safeguard and ensure continuity of care comes first.
  • Communicate – service users, carers, their families and care workers themselves must never be left out of the loop.
  • Managing information – holding good, accessible data on people receiving care.
  • Management of personal data will be crucial in fulfilling the duties in the Care Act and ensuring continuity of care for all individuals in a locality, including self-funders.
  • Be prepared – preparing, testing and regularly reviewing contingency plans.
  1. Related Guidance. The documents below include checklists and templates which regions may find useful in developing a regional plan;

Care and Continuity : Contingency Planning for Provider Failure.  A guide for Local Authorities (Care-ContinuityFINAL.pdf)  Provides background and policy context around provider failure (including summary of Care Act duties and responsibilities) and a ‘how to’ guide for developing business continuity and contingency plans. The appendix includes other useful references.

Quick Guide – Managing Care Home Closures (1577_QuickGuide-CareHomes_9.pdf) Practical guidance and case studies to support health and care systems.

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