Speaking as he succeeded Julie Ogley as President of ADASS, James said:

“The first phase of the government’s response to Covid-19 sought to collectively protect the NHS and to save lives. Social care was an afterthought, despite the best efforts and arguments put forward by carers, disability, and older people’s organisations, ourselves, charities, and providers. Never again can we just think about hospital care without also thinking about social care and community, primary and mental health care, PAs and Carers, and other critical sources of support and wellbeing.

“The government now faces much more complex decisions. Hospitals are half empty but the social care sector is bearing the terrible price of lives lost and lives curtailed. Social isolation is starting to work but at the cost of the economy. It is also at the cost of domestic abuse, older, disabled people, and their families: those in care homes or needing care at home.

“Social care played its part in helping the NHS cope by reducing the number of people who needed hospital care. We have now entered a new phase and social care is now firmly the frontline in the battle against Covid-19. People are dying in care homes and in their own homes and the focus must now be to protect social care at all costs.

“We need the Government and our colleagues in the NHS to do everything they can to protect and shield social care. If we do not protect social care, we risk seeing the number of people dying in care homes being much greater than the numbers of those who have died in hospital. We must do everything we can to prevent this happening.

“It is vital that over the coming weeks and days that we prioritise social care and prioritise people who are in the most vulnerable circumstances in our communities. We must protect social care to prevent people dying and to keep millions of us safe.”


Notes to Editors

The Association of Directors of Adults Social Services is a charity. Our objectives include:

  • Furthering comprehensive, equitable, social policies and plans which reflect and shape the economic and social environment of the time;
  • Furthering the interests of those who need social care services regardless of their backgrounds and status;
  • Promoting high standards of social care services.

Our members are current and former directors of adult care or social services and their senior staff.


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