Alison O’Sullivan, President of ADCS and Harold Bodmer, Vice President of ADASS, said:

“This is particularly regrettable at a time when so many are working hard to bring about improvement and we are seeing a number of steps being introduced to support improvement in both training and practice and to strengthen the profile of social work. Social workers perform extremely complex and difficult roles and can make a huge difference to the quality of the lives of children and adults every day, and it is crucial that the profession is appropriately supported.

“We must remember that the College was created from £5m of government seed funding following much national heart searching about the part that social work should play in dealing with the most vulnerable people in our communities. The College has achieved a great deal in its short life including the development of Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) and Professionals Capabilities Framework (PCF) accreditation which has helped to support those in the role, strengthen practice and improve outcomes for people served by the profession.

“Going forward it is vital that there is a voice and a home for the social work profession in the future. We strongly urge government and all those concerned to ensure that a positive high profile professional body does exist in future to hold responsibilities for standards, practice and to provide much needed visible leadership in the social work profession.

“Both our Associations will work with the government and others to find important alternative means of promoting professional standards, training and the professional development that social workers so richly deserve.”




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Harold Bodmer (ADASS Vice President): 01603223175

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