ADASS calls for emergency measures to ensure care staff can provide vital care and support

Emergency measures must be put in place to ensure that social care staff get fuel for their cars so that they can continue to provide vital support to disabled and older people, care leaders say.
ADASS, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, is hearing reports from around England of care staff struggling to find fuel or having to spend hours queuing to fill up when they should be supporting people in the community or in care settings.
The association is calling for measures to guarantee access to fuel for care staff – perhaps with designated protected slots at filling stations – and is asking other drivers to think twice about topping up their tanks and limit car use while current shortages persist.
Stephen Chandler, ADASS president, said:

“Care staff must be able to do their jobs. They provide essential support to people to eat and drink, wash, go to bed and get up and out to work and other activities - and to take medication and relieve pain.
“The government must do all it can to guarantee adequate fuel supplies at filling stations, but the problems being experienced by care staff show that special steps are needed to help them. The public also has a responsibility not to make their difficulties any worse.

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The Association of Directors of Adults Social Services is a charity. Our members are current and former directors of adult care or social services and their senior staff. Our objectives include:
  • Furthering comprehensive, equitable, social policies and plans which reflect and shape the economic and social environment of the time;
  • Furthering the interests of those who need social care services regardless of their backgrounds and status;
  • Promoting high standards of social care services.

For any follow up to the statement above, please contact:
Dr Phil McCarvill
ADASS Deputy Chief Officer
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