This week I was delighted with Cathie to meet with Lord Patel and Colm Conway, Chair and Chief Executive of the newly formed Social Work England to discuss the upcoming changes to social work regulation. From 2 December this year, the regulation of social workers will transfer to Social Work England. This new body will have a wider remit than HCPC and look at post-qualification, accreditation and CPD. We now have over 100 ADASS members registered as PSWs so really want to celebrate social work. In the discussions with Lord Patel we spoke about how the public has little awareness of what our social workers do, day in, day out, transforming lives. But when we speak with journalists, they are hungry for stories. Tell us so that we can tell the stories again! You can post comments on this page or contact our communications team.

Moving on, last week saw the Queen’s Speech over at Parliament. The wording of the Queen’s Speech gives an important insight into the Government’s thinking about the reform of adult social care.  Her Majesty stated that her Government would bring forward proposals to reform adult social care in England to ensure dignity in older age’. Of course, what that means specifically for us is yet to be seen, and I am remaining optimistic. However, it’s clear from this statement that there is still much for us to do  around explaining what adult social care is about  for both adults and older people. I would welcome your thoughts on how we might gain a greater public understanding  of the great work of our colleagues in enabling people to live good lives. I think we need ideas, case studies, and stories, please get in touch with yours.

Meanwhile, along with our Chief Operating Officer Cathie, I am continuing my visits across the regions, this time heading over to the Eastern region. I hope to visit all of the regions over the coming months and it’s great to meet and hear the views of many colleague Directors. I was also delighted to speak at the TEC conference last week. I was certainly impressed by the opportunities that there are and will be for us in care. Technology is playing a bigger role in the delivery of care, and it will only increase. 

Finally, my blog wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Brexit. I also took part in an Eastern regional EU Exit scenario planning workshop. Nationally we are being  helped by Martin, Grainne and Denise. As the saga continues, it’s clear that this is putting additional pressure on all colleagues. Similarly, the  ADASS central team is spending quite a bit of its time on the EU Exit preparations.  Locally I‘ve been describing my time as being spent on “All things B”, that is, budget and Brexit! No doubt many of you will be facing the same challenges.

For me I’m concentrating on being positive, reminding partners and colleagues, of what is being achieved everyday by care workers and carers helping people to live good lives and wanting to plan for the future. Though recognising the challenges that uncertainty in funding brings.