My own induction is continuing as I settle into my role as President – nearly five months in. I’ve had some really productive meetings with the UKHCA and CPA and looking forward to more meetings with Stuart Dean over at the CQC and colleagues at The Kings Fund and CSA. However, my work as a Director continues on. I recently paid a lovely visit to a Council-run McCarthy and Stone Assisted Living Scheme in Abbotsbury. I am delighted to say that the facility was rated “Outstanding” by the CQC, which is a real tribute to the brilliant care staff there. I know some of the feedback from residents and their families described the home as having a family feel to it, which is music to my ears.

The staff team at the central office have worked with Trustees to develop and publish our statement ‘Sort out Social Care, for all, once and for all’ and we have written to the PM, Chancellor and the Secretaries of State at DHSC and MHCLG to bring it to their attention. We had to do this rather more hastily than we would have liked due to unfolding national events. Thank you to everyone who worked to tirelessly to produce this piece so quickly. This is a real opportunity for social care and our key partners in Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, Care England, Carers UK and LGA have all issued supportive statements or tweets. Back in July the Prime Minister made a personal commitment to sorting out the crisis, so I can only hope that he will keep his promise, and the Government take note of the recommendations made both the expected Spending Review announcements next week and in the years to come

Finally, I am sure many of you will have given the Operation Yellowhammer document a read over the past week since it was leaked to the media. It makes some interesting remarks about the impact of a no-deal Brexit on adult social care, which has, as I am sure you can imagine, drummed up some interest with media. Last week I had a number of interviews with media outlets following the leaking to find out more about the impact Brexit could have on our workforce and supplies in particular – you can already read my interview with Public Finance here. Any failure of supply of medicines, food  or equipment will have a detrimental effect on already vulnerable people, so I can appreciate why people will be worried. I think we are already seeing an impact on our workforce as a result of Brexit with less potential care workers coming to the UK to work from the EU, however, there’s much bigger general issue around workforce retention and care market failure, which predates Brexit. Nevertheless, whatever happens, we need to be prepared.

Have a great weekend,