I’m currently in a very warm and wonderful Milan attending the European Social Services Conference. We’ve been exploring the theme of quality in social services through workshops, panel discussions and presentations, which has been a great opportunity meet with counterparts from across the world. A big thanks to Gloucestershire and Lincolnshire for allowing us to share their experience of the pilot with the health and care personal budgets, which I have been able to use in the workshop today that I delivered with Sue Wald, ADASS International Lead and Director at Swindon Borough Council, around personalisation.

But of course, the past fortnight has been dominated by the broadcast of Panorama’s Crisis in Care, with the final episode, taking a much broader look at the social care system, broadcasting on BBC 1 yesterday evening. The episodes have certainly stirred up emotion nationally. Thank you again to all who’ve worked tirelessly to make this project a reality. It has been such a moving depiction of the struggles we face as Council’s in delivering adult social care, as well as the difficult decisions being faced by those being cared for, and their loved ones and carers. In my opinion, this ought to be mandatory viewing for all partners and colleagues who interface with social care. We have already received so much attention from media outlets and the general public with a follow up article on the BBC, and coverage in The Telegraph and The Guardian. We really need to use this to raise awareness of adult social care, and really educate and explain what we do, and how we can transform adult social care. If you haven’t already seen it, you can still catch it on iPlayer.

Which leads me onto the Health and Care petition. If you haven’t already, please do ensure you sign the petition (link here). There’s still some way to go to reach the 200,000 signatories needed to call the government to action and make a difference.

And finally, our ADASS central team is nearing completion as we welcome Rachel Dennis, Communications, Membership and Events Co-ordinator, to the team this week. We’re now just waiting on the arrival of Phil McCarvill, our new Deputy Chief Officer who will be joining the team on 5 August!