Last week saw the successful launch of our 2019 budget survey. I’d like to thank everyone who responded, and our ADASS staff team and Jane Harris from Cordis Bright once again, for all the extra hours they put in to analyse the findings and pull together the report in time.

There was much more pessimism in this year’s report about any long term settlement for social care. It’s worrying how many more of us are now very concerned about the financial state of the wider health and social care economy – even compared to last year’s survey. Things certainly haven’t improved for most and I’ve been struggling to find positives to take away from it.

Nevertheless, in spite of the pessimism I have to acknowledge the hugely positive response we’ve received from our partners and media alike in response to the publication. It was great to see us on the front page of the Guardian, and to have such widespread coverage across the BBC – particularly with so many other newsworthy political issues around the moment. I really do hope that the two remaining candidates to be the next Conservative Party leader – and Prime Minister – have been listening!

Onto a happier note, last Friday was care home open day and I was lucky enough to visit a home in my local area (see the picture above!). What I love about care home open day is how we are able to show the public - friends, relatives, everyone - the positive side to care home life that is often overlooked, and, of course, recognise the contributions of the hard working carers.  I shared the visit with two Chief Executives from acute hospitals who are keen to continue the dialogue and were really impressed with the care and people they met.

At my local Safeguarding Adults Board, we’ve been discussing how to assure ourselves about our residents following the Whorlton Hall Panorama episode. It’s important in these situations that we reassure ourselves that the arrangements we make for people are being properly delivered s, and learn from what has happened. We’ve also created a document to remind members of the joint statement of roles and responsibilities in health and care services following f the events at Whorlton Hall, which should be available on the ADASS website.

I’m currently on my way back from the hugely successful LGA’s Annual Conference down in Bournemouth and in between the budget launch and our Executive and Trustees meetings last week, I also attended the Healthcare Show at the ExCel in London. I was delighted to be able to represent ADASS on two panels during the show on the role of local government in delivering the NHS Long Term Plan and Integrated Care Systems and the challenges we face as Directors to successfully deliver both. If you haven’t already seen it, the LGA have also released their “One year on” from the launch of their green paper for adult social care and wellbeing. I’d recommend this to you.

Enjoy your weekend!