What a week it has been!

On Monday we kicked off with our annual Spring Seminar, a wonderful occasion for me to meet old and new members of the ADASS community, as well as many friends and supporters of the wider Adult Social Care Network. Over 300 delegates joined us in this occasion, as well as 30 inspiring speakers who greatly contributed to our sessions.

Thinking back at the dialogue initiated during the seminar, I am incredibly thankful to have become the president of such a network of remarkable individuals, passionate about positively influencing adult social care policy and practice. Throughout these three days, we have discussed to great lengths what we would like the future of social care to look like – a brighter future in which empathy, personalisation of care and dignity of the individual are synonym with the care system.

I believe that we have already made a huge step in that direction - thanks to a unanimous vote at our Annual General Meeting, extending ADASS memberships to PSWs. This could be a turning point in ensuring that we develop a better understanding of practice and a stronger leadership on the ground. I am delighted to be welcoming a new set of members this year, and looking forward to working with them.

We also asked ourselves the question about the workforce issue: how do we think creatively – and approach this inherent challenge from a different perspective? How do we change the political narrative to ensure that our workforce is motivated, well-remunerated and valued as it should be, able support those in need?

There is a lot to be discussed, and a lot of work to do. The seminar also highlighted how these challenges require a greater cooperation and knowledge-exchange with external partners involved in the social and health care systems of today. On top of that, we need to raise awareness about our work, our challenges, and our mission. We want our voices, and those of the people we work for, to be heard.


It is a hilly, long road ahead, and we probably shouldn’t expect the best weather either. Good thing we are armed with strong umbrellas and thick wellies – we’ll get through to spring by walking one step at a time, and working closely together.



Julie Ogley

ADASS President