Putting People First - Supporting Delivery 
Documents released at NCAS Conference '09

At NCAS Conference this week ADASS and partners released a series of documents aimed at supporting councils with the implementation of Putting People First. You can access the documents below.  

Common Resource Allocation Framework

Common Resource Allocation Framework (& appendicies 1-3) 

Personal needs questionnaire (appendix 4)

Questionnaire scoring sheet (appendix 5)

Financial Framework (appendix 6)

Spreadsheet tool with test data (appendix 6)

Spreadsheet tool blank (appendix 6)

System map (appendix 7)

Personalisation and the law: implementing PPF in the current legal framework
Implementing PPF in the current legal framework

Supplementary guidance: section 2 Local Government Act

Making progress with PPF: self-directed support
Self-directed support

Operating models: learning from early adopters
Operating models (& appendicies A-B)
Evaluation dashboard (appendix C)
Resource Allocation System monitoring tool template (appendix D)