Invitation to submit proposals for a press and media service for the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

ADASS is a charity that has an influence and media presence that belies our size. We are looking for an exceptional individual or organisation to enable us to continue and develop our communications in relation to the press and media and report, blog and article writing.

The requirements include building and broadening relationships with the press and media in a proactive and responsive fashion. They also include ensuring good links with partner press and media leads and with all elected officers and members of the staff team.  Providing articles, blogs and reports will be crucial as will ensuring that ADASS spokespeople are briefed and prepared for interviews.  The function will include both delivering this service and advising current members of the staff team.

The function will require flexible working: some evening and weekend working is likely to be necessary. There will be a small number of may be occasions where there will be a requirement to travel within the UK and to stay away from home overnight.

The contract will be for one year in the first instance.

Details of what is required by way of proposals and how to submit them can be found here.

The closing date for proposals is 5pm, Friday 20 November