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Welcome to the Older People and Dementia Policy Page. We aim to:

ADASS Older People and Dementia Policy Group provides an arena for focus on matters of relevance to Older People and in relation to Dementia. The Group is made up of ADASS members and associates with an interest in this important areas of work, which encompasses services of perhaps the greatest scale in social care.

The Group serves as a resource to which the ADASS Executive may refer matters for consideration, a contact point for external organisations seeking ADASS input into their own work in those specific areas, commenting on relevant consultation papers and reviewing relevant draft papers from others to provide a social care perspective. Through their other careers, roles and interests members of the Group are also able to identify emerging themes and issues within its policy area and bring these forward to the Group for consideration.

Find the latest news, key documents and blogs on Older People here in one place. 






The documents on this page have been produced and/or shared by the Older People and Dementia Network. If you have any queries please contact the author or policy / regional chair of the network that produced the document.

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