The Social Care Framework “Supporting people to live and die well” was launched in 2010 through ADASS regions followed by a major programme of development work supported nationally, regionally and through local areas, in partnership with the National End of Life Care Programme.  On 13th September 2012 the ADASS Executive received a summary report focusing on the work that had been completed since the launch of the framework in developing end of life care initiatives in social care and considering how further progress could be made in this important area of joint work across health and social care.  In response the ADASS Executive endorsed and supported the circulation of an advisory framework and rating tool for local Adult Social Care Departments.  This framework will provide an opportunity for each local area to assess progress against the delivery of the Social Care Framework milestones and report on best practice end of life care support schemes in their local areas, which can then be disseminated and shared more widely.  It was felt this approach will contribute to sector led improvement and building in end of life care support into the ASCOF framework and local accounts for Adult Social Care Departments.    Plans to further develop capacity in social care through end of life care champion lead officers and elected members, some of which are already in place, would be greatly assisted by this exercise.            

In recognising the importance of end of life care support provided through Councils and social care providers