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In this edition we respond to the first major piece of research into local authority NRPF service provision for families, undertaken by the Centre on Migration Policy and Society (COMPAS). We welcome such in depth research into this area of work, although it is disappointing that the report concludes this is ‘a dysfunctional system in which children are the ultimate losers’, when there are examples of good practice within local authorities, and when we have worked with local authorities since 2006 to develop a functional system in the absence of any statutory guidance. This is essential reading for all practitioners working with families with NRPF and we are pleased that the report has resulted in national media coverage of the issue and questions in Parliament.

Two responses to the parliamentary questions reference the positive partnership working between local authorities and the Home Office via NRPF Connect and there are now 34 local authorities using the system with more in the process of joining.

We recently received clarification from the Home Office and Department of Health regarding the scope of the exclusions relating to adult social care provided under the Care Act 2014, and have update our Practice Guidance in accordance with this, so Adult Social Services in England need to refer to this version.

Our NHS Healthcare factsheet now includes the Home Office’s information about the Immigration Health Charge and fee waivers, although there still remains no reference to this is in any government guidance. The Government recently announced its intention to significantly reduce section 95 asylum support payments for families, although this has met some parliamentary opposition – a link to the proposed rates can be found in our Subsistence factsheet.

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Latest news


No prohibition on Care Act assessments for excluded adults with NRPF (30 July 2015)​​

The Home Office and Department of Health confirm that there are no limitations on local authorities undertaking needs assessments or meeting urgent needs pending assessment.

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Report on NRPF service provision leads to questions in Parliament (2 July 2015)​​

Three written questions have been asked in the House of Lords following publication of COMPAS report on local authority responses to families with NRPF.

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Valid passport requirement creates additional obstacle to resolving cases for local authority supported migrants (2 July 2015)​​

All migrants applying for limited or indefinite leave to remain on or after 6 April 2015 are required to submit a valid passport, travel document or national identity card with their application.

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Local authority lifeline to destitute migrant families comes under scrutiny (3 June 2015)​​

We respond to the finding that the tension between immigration policy and safeguarding duties under the Children Act 1989 has led to 'a dysfunctional system in which children are the ultimate losers'.

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NRPF Network website updates


Updated! Practice Guidance: Assessing and supporting adults with NRPF (England) (July 2015)​

  • To incorporate Home Office and Department of Health clarification about the scope of the Schedule 3 exclusions.
  • Includes details of the recent Supreme Court judgement on ordinary residence for people who lack capacity.

Updated! Factsheet: NHS healthcare for migrants with NRPF (England) (June 2015)

  • Now includes information from the Home Office regarding the Immigration Health Charge and fee waivers.

Updated! NRPF Connect

  • 34 local authorities are now signed up to use the system to gain immigration status information from the Home Office.

Updated! Factsheet: Subsistence support for families under section 17 Children Act 1989 (July 2015)

  • To reference 2015/16 benefit rates and link to the Government’s proposed new section 95 asylum support rates.

Other updates


New report: Cut Off From Justice: The impact of excluding separated migrant children from legal aid (June 2015)

Since April 2013, when immigration matters were taken out of scope of legal aid, separated or unaccompanied migrant children have not been able to get free legal assistance with their immigration cases. This report, commissioned by the Children’s Society, examines the impact of this and makes a compelling case for reinstating legal aid for all separated children. The report also finds that if such children are in the care of a local authority, they receive inconsistent support in accessing legal services. Recommendations are therefore made for local authorities that look after separated migrant children.


New report: Models of accommodation and support for migrants with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) (April 2015)

This report, written by Sue Lukes and Ceri Hutton, is a useful resource for practitioners running current projects, funders and investors, and those thinking of setting up projects for this client group. The report was commissioned by Housing Justice, NACCOM and Praxis Community Projects and funded by the Homelessness Transition Fund.

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