New web resource could end 'paucity of financial advice' available to disabled and older people

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Date: 2nd September 2010
Embargo: 00.01 Hrs, SEPTEMBER 6, 2010

At the outset of Elder Care week, a guide for older and disabled people that signposts them to independent financial information and advice if they are considering accessing long term care has been produced by a number of key organisations. These include ADASS, Local Government Improvement and Development, Age UK, and Counsel and Care. It has been developed with the help and support of the new Moneymadeclear service and the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).

Jeff Jerome, National Director, Social Care Transformation, said the document has been produced with the purpose of providing councils and voluntary organisations with information that helps them direct the public, via their websites and other communication means, to ways of getting good information and money advice re paying for care and support services.

It is intended to raise awareness and to provide signposts to further information. Hopefully this will sit alongside care and support information and the wider links that are made to benefits, housing, leisure, employment and other supports.

The information has been collated with the support of, and will be hosted, and kept up to date by, SOLLA experts on its website.
The guide, Paying for Long Term Care in England is available at

 Jeff Jerome added: There has been a paucity of independent information and advice for people wanting to think about paying for care. We wanted to be able to highlight the need for people to look for this. We are delighted to have produced this document to support councils and third sector organisations in their important roles, and that the Financial Services Authority has set up Moneymadeclear* to support and inform the public.

According to Andrew Cozens, strategic adviser for Local Government Improvement and Development, We have been aware that professionals working in adult social care and the voluntary sector have long recognised the need for trusted and independent financial information and advice for people thinking about paying for care immediately or in the future. That applies as much to younger people with disabilities as to older people and their families. We therefore welcome very much this opportunity to signpost people to that information and advice.
Tish Hanifan, Joint Chair of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) said: We are delighted to be part of this timely initiative which will undoubtedly help people access appropriate information and advice about care funding choices. SOLLAs specialist, accredited advisers recognise the differences that getting high quality financial advice can make to an individuals experience of care.

Stephen Burke, Chief Executive of Counsel and Care, said: With more and more older people having to pay for their own care, it is crucial that they can get specialist financial advice as early as possible. This new guide will point older people,  their families and carers to where they can get independent advice to help them plan ahead and make the best use of their resources. We welcome the launch of this guide at the start of ElderCare Week (6-12 September), which will focus on the problems caused when people dont stop and think about eldercare options in advance.

Michelle Mitchell, Age UK Charity Director said: Many people find the current care funding system to be fiendishly complicated.  When families face making agonising decisions about care for their loved ones, reliable and independent information and advice are not luxuries, they are basic essentials.

For further information contact:
Jeff Jerome,
National Director, Social Care Transformation,
020 7072 7437

Andrew Cozens,
Strategic Adviser
Local Government Improvement and Development
010 7296 6600

Jane Finnerty Joint Chair, SOLLA
01865 553304
07889 986042

Drew Clode, Policy/Press Adviser, ADASS
020 8348 5023
07976 837755

Anna Passingham 
Senior Policy and Communications Officer
Counsel and Care
020 7241 8523
07932 676411

Hong Ling Dyer
Age UK Senior Media Officer
020 8765 7511
Acknowledgements to Cathie Williams, Secretary, ADASS Associates Network, for her help in compiling the information.

* The Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB) was established in April this year as a result of the Financial Services Act which was granted Royal Assent on 08.04.10.
This required the FSA to establish CFEB. Its primary remit is to enhance the public's understanding and knowledge of financial matters and improve their ability to manage their own financial affairs. The Moneymadeclear money guidance service is the consumer dimension of CFEB.

About the Society of Later Life Advisers [SOLLA]

The Society of Later Life Advisers [SOLLA] is a-not-for-profit organisation whose primary objective is to provide and promote comprehensive financial advice for older people, their family and their carers.

SOLLA aims to assist consumers to find quality and trusted financial advisers involved in the older client market by promoting the benefits of
working with financial advisers who have achieved the Later Life Adviser Accreditation.

The Later Life Adviser Accreditation [LLAA] has been developed by the Government standard-setting body [FSSC] in collaboration with the specialist financial services consultancy SVARfair.