Further to my update below, and in particular the new quarterly reporting template, I am pleased to now be able to issue the new and much simplified reporting template, along with supporting guidance, which Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities’ should use to report Better Care Fund performance for the period 1st January 2015 to 31st March 2015.  

If you have any queries regarding the attached please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at ENGLAND.bettercaresupport@nhs.net

Dear colleagues,

In this week’s update:
  • Better Care Exchange
  • Capacity, Capability and Confidence
  • New Reporting Template
  • Meet the Team

Better Care Exchange

Since launching the Better Care Exchange last week the number of users has risen to almost 480, with a total of 80 new documents uploaded and 155 posts, all of which are climbing daily!

The Better Care Exchange is already proving to be a very useful collaborative space.

In the last week we have seen discussions regarding sites connecting with their local fire services to partner on wellbeing and safety home visits, a webinar event around SEN and Disability Reforms for Health on 15th May has been highlighted, and an ‘Experience-based co-design toolkit’ produced by the King’s Fund has been shared.

The Better Care Support Team and I would like to thank all those who have registered and are actively participating on the Exchange. As I said last week  in order for us to build on the successes already achieved in integrating health and social care we need to access and share all the knowledge and tools available. This is where the Better Care Exchange comes in and I encourage those who haven’t signed up to do so - https://bettercare.tibbr.com/tibbr/web/login

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions connected to the Exchange please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at england.bettercareexchange@nhs.net


Capacity, Capability and Confidence

We are in the process of developing our better care support offer to health and social care systems. This will look beyond supporting implementation of BCF plans in 15/16 and aim to build longer term capacity and capability around better care and system transformation.

In response to feedback from previous phases of support around better care, this offer will
  • Be delivered in part through NHS England and local government regional structures, who are closer to some of the detail and issues on the ground
  • Aim to create networks for shared peer – peer learning
  • Be better aligned with parallel support offers from other programmes such as the New Models of Care and Vanguards to minimise any duplication
At the end of May we will be providing you with further information about the detail of the support offer, and crucially how you can access this, but in the meantime we can share with you the outline of the offer which will include:
  • A structured programme of peer - peer support to enable localities to better understand the issues within their own system and how to resolve
  • A series of written materials including case studies and how to guides which share good practice and solutions to most challenging issues
  • A pool of Better Care Advisors who can be called upon to respond to issues and challenges around system leadership in areas which are struggling to implement their plans
And the backbone of the support offer will be the Better Care Exchange – our online hub, which we hope many of you will by now be using to access key information and documents as well as to collaborate and make links.

The information that you provided via the readiness survey has been a useful source of intelligence in shaping our support offer, so thank you for the time you took to complete this.  The answers you provided told us that in terms of the themes we should focus on, the three priorities are:

  • Developing an integrated workforce and culture
  • Developing integrated datasets and IT
  • Aligning financial incentives and risk sharing
As such we will be making these themes a priority focus within our written materials and are scoping the need for additional webinars and events with these as the focus.

We are very keen to hear your views on the support offer and to understand in more detail what you would want from it, so if you have any comments or queries, please get in touch directly with Sarah Holloway on sarah.holloway7@nhs.net


New Reporting Template

As you will be aware from a previous note to you all we had hoped to issue the new quarterly reporting template today, however, due to a technical glitch this has not been possible. We instead intend to issue the new template very early next week, the Support Team and I apologise for the delay.


Meet the Team

In this week’s ‘Meet the Team’ we meet Sarah Holloway.


Sarah Holloway – Delivery Manager and Regional Manager for the South

Sarah Holloway BCFSarah joins from the Department of Health and is the Better Care Support Team’s Delivery manager. This means shaping and overseeing delivery of the various strands of our support offer, and working with colleagues in LG and NHS regional teams to develop a regional support offer too.  Sarah is also the regional relationship manager for the South.

Before joining the Department of Health and beginning work on the Better Care Fund a year ago, Sarah worked briefly in the Cabinet Office and before that at Mind the mental health charity where she led on evaluation and monitoring for the organisation and in various research and evaluation posts prior to that.

Sarah is really keen to hear from you with your ideas on what our support offer should focus on and how we best provide you with what you need to deliver better care in your area. 

Many thanks,

Ann Radmore

Better Care Support Team Programme Director