ADASS strongly supports Government's new mental health framework

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Date: Tuesday 24th July 2012
Embargo: Immediate

Directors of adult social services have committed themselves to working wholeheartedly with the new Mental Health Framework published by the Department of Health this morning.

In particular, said ADASS vice president Sandie Keene, we welcome the broad range of organisations who are on board with us in this enterprise, committed to coproducing first rate mental health outcomes across the range of services represented.

We are also committed to supporting the link between implementation of the framework with all the current concerns surrounding troubled families, and transitions concerns as children and adolescents with mental health issues grow to adulthood. We will support and champion mental health concerns in becoming an integral part of local government initiatives as we continue to discuss with central government the sustainable funding settlement needed to support prevention and early intervention in the longer term.

Meanwhile Terry Dafter, Joint Chair, ADASS Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol Network, stressed the importance of bringing into the framework the need for closer coproduction with service user possibly through national service users networks.

We remain totally committed to working with the health, voluntary and independent sectors towards a world which will be made more understanding, tolerant and sympathetic toward people with mental health issues. We fully endorse the Ministers assertion that there can be no health, without mental health.


For further information contact:
Sandie Keene, ADASS Vice President, 01132 478700
Terry Dafter, Joint Chair, ADASS Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol Network, 0161 474 4401
Drew Clode, ADASS Policy/Press Adviser, 020 8348 5023 / 07976 837755

Editorial Notes

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) represents directors of adult social services in local authorities in England. DASSs have statutory responsibilities for the social care of older people and adults with disabilities, while over 50 per cent also run social housing departments. ADASS members might also share a number of responsibilities for the provision and/or commissioning of housing, leisure, library, culture and arts services within their councils.

A personal budget is a clear, upfront amount of funding from adult social care which individuals can spend on the services and support they need to help them live more independently. It can be used to buy services from both the council and other providers, mixing and matching whats available from different organisations.

Anyone aged 18 or over who is eligible for social care support can have a personal budget - but it is down to individuals whether they manage their budget themselves or whether someone else does this on their behalf.

The Department of Health survey of adult social care 2010/2011 showed that:

* 62% of service users who responded said that they were extremely or very satisfied with the care and support services they receive.

*28% said they were quite satisfied, 7% said they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied and the remaining 3% said they were dissatisfied.

*26% reported their quality of life was so good, it could not be better or very good.

* 31% reported it was good, and

*33% reported it was alright.

* 10% reported their quality of life was either bad, very bad or so bad it could not be worse

See full results here.