New body will help providers meet demands of the Personalisation market

The National Director
Social Care Transformation
Date: Friday, May 14 2010

Embargo: Immediate

Commissioners and providers of adult social care have come together to explore some of the market development challenges in adult social care, and to propose practical ways of working together to meet them. It will also seek to identify how some of the obstacles that slow progress down can be overcome.

The new body the National Market Development Forum comprising leaders from local authorities, voluntary organisations, major private service providers and national umbrella bodies, will meet once every two months. Organisations involved include all key care home and domiciliary care representative bodies, and supported housing groups, as well as the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, the Local Government Association, IDeA, Social Care Institute for Excellence, and the Dept of Health.

According to National Director for Social Care Transformation Jeff Jerome: Putting People First set a new direction for social care in England. As we approach the final phase of the implementation programme, the need to develop a broader and more flexible range of services to support all those with care and support needs, whether self or state funded, remains a major priority. This new Forum seeks to address some of the challenges impeding rapid progress.

At its first meeting in February 2010 the Forum identified a number of key market development issues to address in detail. These include issue about how to:

  • Encourage a better understanding of commercial viability and incentivise service development,
  • Build framework agreements between purchasers and providers which can be introduced more effectively,
  • Develop more market-sensitive procurement models for social care,
  • Stimulate greater service supply and promote greater choice for service users.
  • Improve market information and intelligence for all stakeholders,
  • Create purchaser - provider relations which allow more mature signalling, sharing and movement in markets,
  • Develop a more mature understanding of the market and how partners can work together to support it across the sector,
  • Develop more appropriate arrangements for ensuring the quality of unregulated care.

The Forum will explore these issues in detail, and offer realistic ways in which commissioners and providers across the country can work together to address them.

Des Kelly, Executive Director of the National Care Forum, and Chair of the Care Provider Alliance said: We welcome the establishment of the National Market Development Forum bringing together both providers and commissioners to develop practical ways to implement the personalised aspirations of Putting People First.

The need to develop relationships built on trust and a sharing of information and market intelligence has the potential to be mutually beneficial. We are committed to working in partnership to overcome the challenges of change so that future services can be developed and delivered in ways that ensure maximum control, choice and independence for people receiving care and support.

Martin Green from ECCA said: The transformation of social care services will require all parts of the system to come together in partnership and to develop and reconfigure services that respond to the diversity of need and the aspirations of service users. ECCA is looking forward to working with the National Market Development Forum to achieve this objective.

Outgoing CEO of UKHCA Lesley Rimmer said: At this time with the demands of personalisation alongside the pressures of the funding environment it is more important than ever that providers and purchasers have a forum in which the common challenges and potential solutions can be discussed in a constructive manner. The National Market Development Forum provides this.

Jenny Owen, President of ADASS said: This forum provides the right environment for constructive engagement between commissioners and providers of care and support services. In scoping out the work of the forum, there was close agreement about the key issues we need to address together, and ADASS is playing a full part in taking the work forward.

For further information contact:
Jeff Jerome, National Director for Social Care Transformation, 020 7072 7437
Des Kelly, Executive Director of the National Care Forum, and Chair of the Care Provider Alliance, 02476 243619
Lesley Rimmer, Outgoing CEO of UKHCA, 020 8288 1716
Martin Green, Ecca, 08450 577677
Jenny Owen, President, ADASS, 01245 434806

Notes for Editors

The Forum is supported by The Institute of Public Care (Oxford Brookes University). Meetings are planned for: 2 February 2010, 23 March 2010, 11 May 2010, 5 July, 2010, 21 September 2010, 16 November 2010.

Forum members will contribute case studies, analysis and examples of good practice, and the learning from the meetings will be distilled into a series of advice notes which will be of practical use to providers and commissioners across the country.

The work of the Forum will be supported by The Institute of Public Care at Oxford Brookes University (IPC). IPC will prepare discussion materials, facilitate and record the meetings and prepare drafts of briefing papers for the Forum.

IPC has been working at the forefront of primary health care, education, social care and specialist housing management and practice since 1988, and has offices in Bath and Oxford.

Forum meetings will be held in London.