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Wednesday 2 November 2016

Plenary 1 – Official Opening
ADCS President – Dave Hill  
ADASS Past President – Ray James
Vice Chairman LGA – Cllr Nick Forbes

Sub Plenary Sessions x 3
WSP1 Who will care for us?
        Dr Chai Patel
        John Ransford
        Ossie Stuart
WSP2 Improving Children’s Life chances
WSP3 Co-Production- it’s a long term relationship

Policy Sessions x 6
WP1 Generation XL: Moving beyond the child obesity strategy 
WP2 Inequalities in Child Protection and LAC rates: new evidence, new explanations
WP3 Market Shaping – best practice and new ideas
WP4 Mental Health – finding a way forward
        Stephen Chandler
        Jonathan Marron
        Sarah Norman
        Mark Trewin
WP5 Transforming Social Care through use of Information and Technology
WP6 Transition from childhood to adulthood: working better together to support young people with SEND prepare for independence

Sub-Plenary Sessions x 3
WSP4 Integration – Balancing sustainability with transformation
WSP5 Models of Intervention in Children’s Social Care
WSP6 Grooming, controlling and coercive behaviour: identifying and addressing the issues
        Polly Neate
        Alison Michalska
        Grainne Stiggins

Policy Sessions x 6
WP7 21st Century Solutions – 20th Century Services
WP8 Transforming Care: How life can be improved
        Main presentation
        Lucy's story  
WP9 Improving the mental health and wellbeing of looked after and adopted children and young people and care leavers
WP10 What works in preventing child abuse and neglect, and what do we know about the effectiveness of the current ways of protecting children?
        Early Intervention Foundation
        Research in Practice
WP11 High Challenge and High Support: how restorative practice and working WITH can support improvement
WP12 Supported Housing
        John Hall 
        Alan Adams
        Ben Harrison
        Sue Ramsden

Thursday 3 November 2016

Policy Sessions x 5
TP1 The Strategic Use of Data as Business Intelligence for Service Improvement 
        Andrew Ramsay and Graham Mozley
        John Freeman CBE
TP2 Life chances and family stability
        Donna Molley
        Laura McAvoy
        Clare Burrell
        Megan Jarvie
TP3 A sustainable future for Adult Care? Evidence and Choices
        Richard Humphries
        Professor John Bolton
        David Pearson
        Sarah Gibbon
        David Brindle
TP4 Caring for and housing an ageing population – challenges and opportunities for adult social care
        George McNamara
        Angela Bradford
        Millie Gobbinsingh
        Mayor Kate Allsop
        Neil Revely
TP5 Tackling radicalisation and preventing extremism in schools

Plenary 2 – Opposition Spokespeople
Emma Lewell-Buck MP, Shadow Minister for Children and Families
Barbara Keeley MP, Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Social Care

Plenary 3 – David Mowatt MP, Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Community, Health and Care in the Department of Health

Policy Sessions x 5
TP6 Integrated commissioning for prevention: Lessons learned from Hertfordshire and Nottinghamshire vanguards
        Iain MacBeath 
        Sharon Davies
        David Pearson and Amanda Sullivan
        Anthony Berryman 
        Tony Hunter  
TP7 The Educational Progress of Looked After Children in England: Linking Care and Education
TP8 Bringing systemic thinking to life in statutory social work: Focus on Practice in three London Boroughs
TP9 The Mental Capacity Act including DoLs: understanding and implementation across children’s and adults services
TP10 Piggy in the middle – making the team around the social worker effective and value for money
        Colette Dutton
        Nick McMullen
        Helen Watson
        Anji Owens
        Anthony Douglas CBE

Sub Plenary Sessions x 2
TSP1 Supporting unaccompanied children
TSP2 Managing and mitigating risks in Adult Social Care – what does Sector-Led improvement have to offer?
        John Jackson - Adults Social Care Finances: issues and concerns 
        John Jackson - Getting Help with Financial Challenges 
        Julie Ogley 
        Cath Roff

Plenary Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education

Plenary 4 – Edward Timpson, Children’s Minister

Fringe NHS Digital

Friday 4 November 2016

Policy Sessions x 6
FP1 Education Question Time
FP2 Innovation for Innovation’s sake? How to recognise when new approaches are needed and when to protect existing programmes 
        Gwynne Rayns and James Lee
        Jaine Crompton
        Andrew Levitt
FP3 Hospital Discharge: Whole System Resilience Winter and beyond
        Sarah Mitchell
        Viccie Nelson
        Victoria Bennett
FP4 The local authority role in improving quality in care
FP5 New National Carers Strategy – realising the spirit of the Care Act and Children and Families Act for Carers and their families
        Main presentation
        Jon Rouse
FP6 From Fox Bay to Fangdale Beck: innovation in rural health and social care
        Ian Bainbridge and Hannes De Bruin
        Patricia Coker and Jon Boswell
        Robin Bellamy

Plenary 5 – Improving the health of a population
Matthew Swindells, Operations Director (NHSE) 
Jon Rouse Chief Officer of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Sub-Plenary Sessions x 3
FSP1 Schools Commissioner – Sir David Carter
FSP2 Improved or imperilled? The state of adult social care funding
FSP3 Social work in the 21st Century   

Sub-Plenary Sessions x 2
FSP4 Adult Social Care: quality matters
         Andrea Sutcliffe Powerpoint presentation
         Andrea Sutcliffe Speech
FSP5 Ofsted inspection – what replaced the Single Inspection Framework