Presentation by: Sherry Malik, Director of Children's Services Development and Delivery, NSPCC; Dez Holmes, Director, Research in Practice; Pat Branigan, NSPCC; and Amanda Carpenter-Jago, Team Manager ACT, Surrey County Council to National Children and Adult Services Conference 2014

Wednesday 29th October 2014, 12.30pm

Children and young people account for approximately a quarter of all sexual abuse convictions against victims of all ages and a third of all sexual abuse coming to the attention of professionals in the UK.

A 1992 report by NCH highlighted this challenge, yet two decades later the provision of services remains patchy and the government response is at best fragmented, falling between the responsibilities of a number of departments: DH, DfE and the MoJ.

The NSPCC is currently leading a national partnership developing an “operational framework for children and young people who sexually harm”. In early 2015 NSPCC, AIM and several local authorities will test this framework to ensure it helps to effectively embed clear policies and procedures as well as practice guidelines and support the work of local authority professionals.

This session outlined the development of this work and shared evidence from some of the 15 participating local authorities. There was the opportunity to discuss:

  • Exactly how far have we got with our state of knowledge? What more do we need to learn in relation to HSB? And how is current knowledge and new learning most effectively communicated and disseminated?
  • How will the framework help and what can be done to implement it locally.
  • What does government need to do?

What opportunities does the Home Office Sexual Violence Group have to address the issue and to create the momentum for the development of a long awaited national strategy?