Presentation by Sally Warren (Deputy Chief Inspector, Adult Social Care (London)), Andrea Sutcliffe (Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care) and Ray James (Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care at Enfield Council and Vice President of ADASS) to National Children and Adult Services Conference 2014
Thursday 30th October, 4.00pm

Market oversight is a new regulatory duty for CQC, beginning in April 2015. Its purpose is to protect people in vulnerable circumstances who may be affected by the business failure of a 'difficult to replace' provider, such as one which operates across many local authorities or has many sites in one area.

Local authorities may face difficulties in providing continuity of care on such a scale.

CQC’s duty will be to monitor the finances of the most 'difficult to replace' providers and will provide an early warning to local authorities where CQC believes failure is likely. This will allow for contingency planning and cross party working – in which CQC will be involved. The session will describe in more detail the criteria for entry into the scheme and offer a high level view of how the scheme will operate.