Presentation by Tom Brown, Wendy Vincent and Bernice Solvey to National Children and Adult Services Conference 2014

Wednesday 29th October 2014, 12.30pm

The session was about our journey from high use of out of borough specialise provision to developing and implementing a tailored personalised local offer.

Historically we have had high numbers of young people using Independent Specialist Providers, many of who have then continued to live in out of borough residential homes or been unable to transfer independence and employability skills back to the local community.

The aim of LCF is for each young person to develop independent living and employability skills wherever possible within the local community.

We worked across council departments and in partnership with the CCG, parents and both local specialist schools and FE colleges to develop innovative personalised provision that customises support to the needs of young learners.

A typical programme will consist of:

  • 3 day accredited college course
  • 1 day job club or work experience
  • 1 day adult education to support their learning

Each young person is supported by a Personal Assistant who has a key role in enabling the transference of skills.

Outcomes to date:

  • 80% reduction of use of residential college placements
  • high satisfaction rates among young learners and parents
  • developed local capacity to meet more complex needs
  • immediate and recurrent cost savings