Presentation by Andrew Ridley (Programme Director, BCF Taskforce), Helen Edwards (Director General for Localism, DCLG), Jon Rouse (Director General, Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships, DH), Andrew Webster (Associate Director for Health and Social Care Integration, LGA) to National Children and Adult Services Conferenc e 2014

Wednesday 29th October, 12.30pm

The session had a focus on implementation of the BCF plans between October and April 2015 and beyond. Following a busy summer period when every area has worked to re-submit BCF plans, this session was a change for the audience to hear directly from four senior members of the BCF Programme Board, across the BCF national partner organisations. The panel will hope to address the question of what it means to have BCF plans ‘approved with support’, ‘approved with conditions or not approved. Essentially, this session looks to answer the question: ‘so what next for the Better Care Fund?’