12.30 - 13.15 Wednesday 29 October 2014

Room: Charter 2

Pioneers - Leading Innovation for Integration

Main Participants:

Caroline Bailey, Phil Porter, Stephen Day, Ian Dodge (TBC

Chair: Geoff Alltimes

Too often people's care is uncoordinated.  They have to explain their situation too many times to too many people and they don't get the right information or advice in return.

Fourteen pioneering initiatives around the country are playing a key role in developing good models of integrated care and support, and breaking down barriers to integration, as part of a five year programme to better join up health and social care services.  The aim is for the integration pioneers to act as exemplars of the most innovate and forward thinking approaches to integrated care and support.  Their experience will help all areas to shape and deliver their own plans for the Better Care Fund.

Many of the barriers to integration are longstanding and are rooted in the separate structures and cultures of health and social care providers.  This session will explore some of the most common barriers and enablers to successful integration.  In doing so, it looks at what needs to happen locally and nationally to help overcome these.  The session will also consider how local and national solutions can be best shared and incentivised.

This will be a presentation and a discussion.