12.30 - 13.15 - Wednesday 29 October

Room:  Charter 4

Full House: How to integrate health and social care

Chair: Jo Cleary, Chair, The College of Social Work

Main Participants:

David Paynton, National Clinical Lead, Royal College of GPs

How will the integration of health and social care work in practice?  The £3.8 billion Better Care Fund and initiatives like the Integrated Care adn Support Pioneers are designed to find out, but new models of service delivery are already beginning to emerge.

As co-leaders of this session, the College of Social Work (TCSW) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) will show how social workers and GPs can collaborate to remodel services and how investment in social work reduces costs across health and social care.

Long-term conditions now account for 70% of health and social care costs, and numbers of people aged 75 or over admitted to hospital have risen by almost two-thirds in 10 years.  Radically new, cost effective answers are required.

NHS England, supported by RCGP and TCSW, has endorsed the "House of Care" model of long term conditions management.  IT would give people with these conditions more control over services and focus on how communities, invigorated by community development social GPs, social workers and community health and social care practitioners, overseen by Health and Wellbeing Boards.

Evidence shows that such approaches reduce both hospital admissions and delayed discharges.  They save money, meeting the strict financial criteria set by the Better Care Fund, and provide a sustainable vision of high quality care in austere times.

This will be a film followed by presentations and discussion